User experience, Motion graphics, and Identity.
My name is Takayuki Ishii and I'm from Tokyo, Japan. I'm a freelance graphic designer based in Los Angeles. I love to solve problem and am obsessive about seeking truth and perfection in design. Motion graphic can be applied to any projects to bring words for users. I take UX (User experience) design very seriously. UX is how a person feels when they use the system. My role is to discover those feeling and create experience.
   I make sure that systems, interfaces, languages, graphics are human friendly,        aesthetically, clear, and usable.
I spend my free time taking photograph, making an animation, and shooting a short film. I'm also active across collaborations; startups, freelance special projects, personal projects and I've recently designed and launched my first portfolio.
You can get in touch at: takaishii.com
 Santa Monica College
Graphic Design
Associate of Applied Graphic Design
-December 2017
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