Mar 11, 2017
This site is a showcase of my works and also serves as a haven for my thoughts and reflections. My musings are mainly about User Experience Design related topics and 3D animations. This latest incarnation of my website is the result of flexing my creative and technical egos.

This site was crafted on Macbook by using Adobe Portfolio. 
In order to develop a visual language for the website I started the design in Photoshop. After quickly realising the inadequacy of this approach to designing responsively, I reverted to sketching and experimenting in the browser. I wrote all the content in IA Writer—the best piece of software I own.
Mar 28, 2017
“Eyes can reveal even smallest changes on the body and in the attitude of other people. Given the fact that most people is not aware of this, skillful participant can easily get a hint on what is happening. We cannot “literary” read other people’s minds in their eyes, but we can see the hints about the feelings of the person we are in contact with. These small signs change from moment to moment, and anyone can be aware of them if he or she pays attention to it.
April 15, 2017
Nonanswerable Question
Lately, I've been inspired by some awesome music, French Kiwi Juice by FKJ. The music made me do it.
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